"Amber's classes perfectly link mind, body & spirit. She teaches awesome flows while telling great tales from yoga philosophy. You'll leave her class energized & a bit wiser."

~Ellen O.

2021 Costa Rican Retreat

March 21st -26th 2021

An ocean side adventure-retreat into the primary rainforest

Designed to re-set & rejuvenate your heart


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20 days of core workouts sent straight to your email box.


Target your core strength (and new quarantine belly) with these bursts.


You will also be sent daily tips for fat burning , health and wellness, AND a 2-3 minute stress reduction technique meant to lower cortisol levels (the stress hormone that aids belly growth).

Use them at your own pace, however many times you like.

Monthly Mantra

A monthly subscription that gives you access to:

A new mantra every month with details on how to use it, and personalize it.


Each Monthly Mantra includes:

  • An audio or video file of a yoga class recording that embodies and uses that mantra or tells a story as we practice.

  • Tasks or exercises usually used in teacher trainings, that help explore the mantra more.

  • Written information on the mantra's basis, uses, related stories, effects, and lineage. 

Private Yoga Sesh


  • Work on alignment or on that shape you've been itching to nail
  • Get assistance surrounding an injury or body part

  • Work on a deep set emotion or fear

  • Release into a deeper practice that entirely focuses on YOUR body, mind and breath needs

  • Gather your friends, coworkers or family members and have a yummy yoga party of your own


  • Single classes:

    • $110 for 60 MINS

    • $145 for 90 minutes

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    • $270 ($90 per 60mins)

    • $375 ($120 per 90mins)

  • Group Rates (over 2 people):
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Yin Yoga + Acup

Release, Relax, Replenish

No Dates Set Until Post COVID-19

Yoga has never been so yummy! This is a gentle relaxing practice that takes R & R to the next level.


Boost your immune system, care for adrenal health and decrease your overall stress level.


Starting with some yin poses and trigger point therapy to release myofascial tissues of the body, followed by some restorative yoga for relaxation.


Then 30 minutes of adrenal replenishing acupuncture points during a long, juicy Savasana.

30 Days Of Bliss

Self care at it's best. Designed to remind you to reconnect with your self, ground, and just plain breath.


Every other day you will receive a pre recorded 30-50 minute yoga (vinyasa or yin) practice, AND a 1-3 minute meditation.


Use them at your own pace, however many times you like.

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  • Audio Meditations

  • Postural tutorials & articles

  • New content is uploaded each week.

Together we will discover the many, MANY, ideas of how to sort through the daily mayhem & internal struggles to come out on top, and breathing easily.



Stay connected with your tribe. You can find acupressure snippets, wellness tips, music suggestions, yoga posture tutorials and more

Each post has that weeks dharma talk, story, quote, or contemplation attached to it. Info on Tough stuff assignments, our spirit animal metaphors, mantra usage....

You can also find last minute schedule updates and changes there (where possible!).


Amber's Yoga Coloumn 


Tips, Tricks & Tidbits!! 

There's a lot to read on there. And it all started in 2013 with the ever popular piece,

"I'm A Yoga Teacher & My Butt Jiggles."   

Check it out!


Minute Meditations

Minute Meditations are meant to encourage you to take 1-2 mins out of the day to pause , ground, and re group.


Intended to help you revisit your most peaceful inner self, and gifting you something calm to return to at anytime.

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Wellness Consults

Phone consults followed by a mail delivered supplement package tailored to YOUR bodies needs.

Email for a session


Get the most out of your medicine cabinet.


Amber is a fully licensed health care professional who sees 60-70 patients a week. She is fully trained in what is ok to take with specific diagnosis, medications and body chemistry patterns. 


"Most folks are thoroughly confused by natural medicines and taking them in a way that does not serve their body.


"I can help minimize what you take and maximize it's efficacy- AND I have access to tons of trusted natural medicinal brands including, Chinese herbs, enzymes, CBD products, Mushroom extracts, Ayurvedic Suggestions, alternative pain relievers, and more.... all for reasonable prices."



Just email me


Costa Rica Retreat

>Not accepting deposits until post COVID-19, but let me know if you want to be on the list of folks to contact when it is safe to go!<


An Ocean Side Adventure Retreat Into The Protected Primary Rainforest. 


March 21-26th 2021
at Finca Exotica, Carate Beach on the Osa Peninsula, near Corcovado Nature Preserve.


Join me for Yoga, Acupuncture, Adventure, Beach, Monkeys, Hiking, Sun, Jungle, Surf, Nature, & Great Food....


Very Limited Space.

In cahoots with

Finca Exotica Eco lodge & Osa Experience


"Love, love, love Amber and her yoga class.  

Not only does it strengthen your body, but also your mind.  

She tells great stories as she leads you through an amazing practice…

always reminding you to breath, check in with your position and your body. 


After all the years of exercise and sports, I have never been so strong in my life …physically and mentally. 

Thank you Amber from the bottom of my yogi heart!"

~Terri .F.

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Retreats, Private Yoga, Trainings, Acupuncture

"Amber is such a special human, who is so, so good at what she does. Her unique combination of expertise in yogic philosophy & human anatomy shines through in every class & interaction with her.


Most importantly, she communicates her breadth of knowledge in a way that feels relatable & enjoyable. Every class is thoughtful (& thought provoking!), challenging & grounding.


I keep showing up to her class not only because it’s fun & my body feels good afterwards, but because I also know I will always learn something new or hear a gem in a new way that connects with me.


I am so thankful I get to practice with Amber regularly - she is amazing!!"      ~Katie H.


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